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Precision mechanics
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Precision mechanics
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Precision mechanics

Subsidiary, business partners and affiliation



Gevalco IndustrialWeblink :

SOFOP’S sister company situated in Romania (GEVALCO).

High precision mechanics subcontractor for European and Romanian industries.

Machining of medium-sized and mass production of recurring products.

GEVALCO’s ressources : 3, 4, 5 axis automated and palletized Conventional and CNC milling machines.

EN 9100 certification

Gevalco enables SOFOP to develop it’s technological potential and rise it’s human and technical experience to offer attractive costs and production cycles to our clients.


SOFOP is a 25% shareholder (Equal shares among the partners).

Aeroteam ServicesWeblink :

Aeroteam is a 4 company partnership well known in the industrial world:

AMGP ASQUINI :                    COUSSO :                  GENTILIN :                     SOFOP :

AMGP ASQUINI COUSSO Mécanique GentilinSofop

AEROTEAM Services, created following the need of AIRBUS and AEROLIA, has been chosen on the A350 and A400M programs to offer a wider field of skills on CORE BUSINESS references.

AEROTEAM Services represents 7 production sites (5 in France, 1 in Poland, 1 in Romania) and about 550 000 hours of production per year.


SOFOP is a member of the following affiliations :

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