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Precision mechanics
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Precision mechanics
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Precision mechanics


Business activities

The main activities can be regrouped in 4 main categories which are detailed hereafter.

SOFOP’s working experience is not limited to these activities. The Medical, Nuclear and Railway fields as well as Chemical, Agronomic and Energetic Industries call upon SOFOP’s skills for their various mechanical applications.


Aeronautical experience SOFOP

  • Design and/or Manufacture of Sub-assemblies

    The Aviation sector represents 80% of SOFOP’s Business activity.

    SOFOP is a key company for the Aeronautical main contractors.
    • Design subcontracting (Design and stress analysis)
    • Global project subcontracting (Design and manufacture of sub-assemblies)
    • Global Manufacture subcontracting (Manufacture according to client’s drawing set)

Embase rotative Sofop

  • Design and/or Manufacture of equipments :
    • Performance bench test.
    • Endurance bench test.
    • Machines for production of composite parts.
    • Machines for Industrialisation process.


  • Design and Manufacture of equipments :
    • High rate assembly machines.
    • Test and Control machines (vision, proofness control , …)
Automobile experience SOFOP Automobile experience SOFOP Automobile experience SOFOP


Defence activity SOFOP

  • Design and/or Manufacture of sub-assemblies of weapon systems
    • Manufacture and assembly of sub-systems
    • Design and manufacture of machines following our client’s specifications.
    • Industrial means
    • Motorised target carrier
    • Sensor-positioning machine
    • Test bench


Spatial activity SOFOP

  • Design and/or Manufacture of sub-systems